About Freemasonry



The Grand Lodge of Indiana has produced the video "Freemasonry Today!" In is a great 10 minute overview of the Craft, its history and purpose.


All Masons or people interested in the topic should consider subscribing to Chris Hodapp's excellent blog. He covers current events, both the good and the bad, in our world and is both entertaining and thoughtful.

Closer to home, we recommend following the blog of Queen Anne Lodge from our very own District 5. Its scope goes beyond their excellent lodge and includes all of Seattle Freemasonry.


Several excellent Masonic podcasts have been produced over the years, though sadly none is still active. There is still much archival content available that is informative and worthwhile. There are many hours of listening here

X Oriente
Eric Diamond offers beautifully produced and thoughtful commentary on a variety of Masonic topics.
The Digital Freemason (iTunes)
Each episode freatures the host Scott Blasken reading a selected short Masonic paper.


If you've even wondered what the purpose of Freemasonry is, you could do no better than Christopher Hodapp's excellent book, Freemasons for Dummies.  Anyone thinking of petitioning, or simply curious about the fraternity, should read this entertaining and enlightening description of our Gentle Craft.

Reading on the WWW

One of the best online self-education resources is hosted just north of us.  The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon publishes some marvelous information pages that will provide hours of free, online reading.  Be sure to dive in to their page of essays and papers for a taste of what Masonic Education is all about.