Installation of 2013 Officers

2013 Officers

Our newly elected and appointed officers were installed at a tyled installation on Saturday, December 6 2013. Congratulations to K.C. Gates and the rest of his officers, and best wishes for an exciting new year to come!

Plans for the upcoming year are to continue the plans formulated by Ron Gage, WM for 2012.  These include an emphasis on excellence in ritual, and extending our charitable and community work.  Most notably, we are strengthening our ties with the ROOTS youth shelter in the U-District by beginning regular volunteering work there.


We are also enthusiastic supporters of various youth groups, and one of our favorites is Daughters of Bethel 5 I.O.J.D. who assist us with dinner each month before our stated meeting. Before opening lodge to begin our installation, these young women shared a part of their own beautiful ritual with us. Many in the room were unfamiliar with their work, so this was a particular treat.