Sweetheart's Night

Our February stated meeting was "Sweethearts Night" and included a surprise visit from the brethren of Eureka Lodge. We brought SOs and were blessed to have many of the widows join us for dinner and a program.

The meeting was rather atypical. Lodge was opened early and called off-session. After a very pleasant (and well attended) dinner, everyone came up to the lodge room where we presented 5 ladies with a special Widow's Pin and introduced them to the Lodge. We gave them a taste of some of the non-private parts of our work so that the wives, widows, and visitors could get a feel for the work we love so much.

Once we were back on-session we were informed by an alarmed but amused Tyler that there were a "whole bunch" of Masons who desired admission.  It turned out to be a dozen Mason's from Eureka #20 who had chartered a limo to come over and divest us of the District 5 Travelling trowel.  Our only complaint was that they didn't stay long enough-- what a great group of guys!